The Molly Collar
A Leather Covered Slide Chain
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Molly wearing her red Molyy collarHello. My name is Molly. I am a very energetic brown and white American Pit. I would slip my collar when on my outside runs. I have one in the front and one in the back of my house you know :)

My parents tried all sorts of collars on me – leather, rolled leather, webbing, slide chains – but only the slide chain collar did the job of keeping me in my yard.

But, I have real sensitive skin. The metal slide chain collar my parents (human parents) had to put on me irritated the skin on my neck :(  It got worse every time it pulled me back when I ran after another dog or a bunny. One day my mother said to my father, who works with leather, (I
love chewing on leather, especially those rawhide bones that come in those bags my father brings home), well anyway she said, Hey, leather man, why don't you sew some leather onto that metal slide chain collar so it doesn't bother the Molly dog?" Dad thought that was a good idea, and it was. I love my leather covered collar. It works great. When I pull on my collar, the leather protects my skin but the collar works as it should to prevent it from slipping off, letting me run the neighborhood. I really like not getting into trouble, just having fun in my own yard. Problem solved!

Now we had to make one more trip to the local pet store to return the last collar we purchased that didn't work for us. While there, the store clerk mentioned that the collar we were returning was the third one returned that day by customers. What was up with that? . . . she asked. We told her why we were returning this one and about the special one created for me. She asked if we would like to sell our invention at her store. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Yellow Molly Collar
Pink Molly collar
Specializing in the Alteration and Reapir of Leather Garments

Dark Brown Molly collar

Re Molly Collars different chain gauges

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