"Let me share my lifelong
experience to help you get
the best possible service
from your leather gear."

--The Mad Hatter
"master leather craftsman"
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   "The Zipper Ninja"
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The Molly Collar
"A Leather Covered Choke Chain"
All sizes gauges and colors available


Leather Garments & Accessories

  • Fix Rips, Tears, Zippers, Pockets, Linings
  • Re-color, Condition, Clean Up
  • Re-sew Buttons, Fix Snaps
  • Alterations - Hem Sleeves - Adjust Length
  • Replace damaged leather panels
  • Sew on Emblems
  • Resize Repair Coat Belts or Belt Loops
  • Make or Resize Belts
  • Make, Hem or Resize Chaps

 Hand Bags, Totes & Cases

  • Fix or Replace Zippers, Velcro or Linings
  • Replace or Re-attach Straps
  • Fix Rips,Tears & Seams
  • Clean-up, Condition and Re-color

 Tents, Boat Covers, Tarps, Straps

  • Repair or Replace Zippers, Velcro or Snaps
  • Fix Rips, Tears & Seams

 Shoes Boots, Sandals, Horse Gear

  • Repair Horse Blankets and Sheets
  • Repair Saddles and Tack
  • Fix Straps, Buckles, Pet Damage
  • Re-stitch Seams on Boat Shoes & Moccasins
  • Boot Zippers Cut Downs & Calf Enlargements

 Sporting Goods

  • Re-lace & Repair Ball Gloves
  • Repair Hockey Equipment
  • Repair Gun Cases
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